Customizing your Baitfish!.

As new features become available, so do new methods to further brand your site. 


1. How do I directly link into the system without a search being placed. 

Simply visit any of the areas you want to link into (While in your customized mode) and copy the url. Your code will already be inserted. Make a link from your site with that url. 

2. Can I have more than one message board? 

You can however, (We recommend starting with one as they can grow out of control), and it requires you have your own category.

3. Can I prevent my message board users from seeing the main index of boards? 

 Currenlty a direct link with a category Id (We supply) from your site will prevent visitors from seeing other boards except yours. This feature is on the way for Baitfish!. However if a user arrives via thefishfinder, all boards are present. This helps spread the word about your board and assists in filling up registered users for all boards (Sort of a power in numbers thing).

4. Can I see my advertising statistics? 

Our new ad system provides you with the ability to have multiple banners leading to multiple urls  and statistics for each one. Very shortly you'll also be able to upload your banners automatically (Coming in late Oct). For now use the banner request form below. You should receive a password shortly on accessing the ad stats.

5. I'm part of several affiliate programs, will they work with your system?

Yes, we need only the url to the banner and the encoded link.  Thereafter they will be placed in rotation and tracked via our banner management program.

6. How Do I Change the search term for the news?

The Top News link is set on the keyword fishing.  Copy the url and change the word fishing to whatever you wish. Thereafter when someone clicks on your link, the news search will produce results on the keyword you supplied. 

Make Changes/ Add new features to your Baitfish!


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Once completed it takes 24 hours to fulfill your request. 


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