Fish Clix Banner Exchange

Fish Clix Banner Exchange 

 Why is this exchange different?

1.  We accept only Fishing Sites. 

2. Our trade ratio is 1:1 for sites that demonstrate a reasonable ratio. In other words, if you plan to bury the exchange where no one sees it, your ratio will automatically switch from 1:1 to 2:1.

3. Our main user is  which guarantees we will never run out of available impressions and gives you unprecedented access to a huge stream of highly qualified angler traffic. 

4. All banners are stored here which saves your bandwidth and ensures proper functioning of the system. If this domain is unreachable, a viewer will see nothing and  will not be waiting for some 3rd party domain to send a banner. 

5. Generous 468 x 60 banner size allows you to say what you need to say in a reasonable space. This is also the  standard size is accepted at most paid advertising sites. Meaning if you create a winning banner, you can reuse it almost anywhere on the internet. Maximum size of your banner is 14K. 

6. Fish Banner Exchange code is maximized so you may put the code on numerous pages and gain clicks as visitors travel through your site. 

All in all, the Fish Clix Banner Exchange is one of the best values offered to drive traffic to your fishing site.

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