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Fish Clix Testimonials: 

" In 6 days I have confirmed what I suspected for a long time. The two web rings on my home page aren't sending me traffic.   All of my traffic is from the search engines and reciprocal links. The tracker is a great tool for anyone looking to really see what is going on with their site.  Many thanks for giving me the real-deal on how and why visitors are getting to my site. "
Name/ address withheld at owners request.

Fish Clix works for me. After exploring several competing services, I settled on Fish Clix because it gave me the data I needed to make important decisions without waisting my time. After just a few days, I knew I'd made the right decision. The important stats are presented in a clear and understandable format without a lot of fooling around. Fish Clix has provided me with the data I need to take my site to the next level. Thanks!

Bob Meyer, Webmaster 

"Whether you are new to e-commerce or a seasoned professional, exposure is a key to the success or failure of your business. I have tried many banner exchanges over the past year and most have proven to be less than adequate if not entirely useless. Then I stumbled upon Fish Clix and everything changed. Fish Clix is the perfect choice for target marketing in the recreational and commercial fishing industry. By joining Fish Clix Banner Exchange I know that my advertising banner is going to be broadcast on websites relevant to my particular niche. Unlike the other banner services which rotate your ad on sites which have little or no connection with the fishing industry, Fish Clix delivers on its promise. Ad to this the site tracking capability and you have a package that will not only improve your web traffic, but make you a better webmaster. Thank you for your great service Fish Clix and I look forward to a long business relationship".


Dan Anderson, Owner
Thingamajig Lure Company 

"As the owner of a fairly new fishing site I am always looking for the tools to make my job a little easier. I have tried several different tracking services and have found that Fish Clix is the only one that gives me the information that I want most. I can verify the information in real time which has been really helpful in getting new sponsors and writers for my site. I am so satisfied with your service that we will be adding Fish Clix to our Webring and Webmail sites. Even though I was truly sold on your service because of the information that I get from it, the fact that it is a fishing related service is even better as I have set my goals on creating a fishing site that is not cluttered with non-fishing advertisements that our visitors just aren't interested in seeing. Thanks again for making such a useful resource!"

Dave Beilstein - Site Owner
BASS on HOOK Inc.  

"I think the best part of your banner exchange service is that I don't see any ads for the exchange itself. It's all fishing stuff. The other exchanges  I use seem to run irrelevant ads and way too many exchange ads. Many thanks for the tracker too. You guys really run a tight ship."

Capt. Dave


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